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Christianity’s Dirty Little Secrets:

The Truth About Resurrection, The Rainbow Body, Religion And Reality

What is Christianity’s dirty little secret? It’s this. That which happened to Jesus on the first Easter Sunday is within the capability of every living human being. In other words, there was no Easter Sunday miracle. Common, spiritually perfected people in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition have been “resurrecting” since before the Christian era. The phenomenon is called rainbow body.

The book reports on the author’s 2018 trip to Tibet where he investigated two recent rainbow body deaths. There he found impressive memorials to the men, witnessed the great devotion and respect that is given, spoke to eyewitnesses and stood over the spots where the dissolutions took place.

While the rainbow body phenomenon is virtually unknown in the West, it is well known in Tibet, especially in the monastic community where it is nearly universally acknowledged. In fact, a school at the Dzogchen monastery actually teaches how to attain rainbow body. At the time of the visit, twenty-two students were enrolled.

The book gives the reader insight into both the rainbow body phenomenon, its far reaching implications and the Tibetan culture. It is a culture where spirits seem to outnumber the human population by a wide margin. The book also includes a description of the yogic practice that rainbow body adepts follow. It is called Dzogchen. The teachings of the forgotten text known as the Gospel of Thomas, a Jesus sayings gospel, are a Westernized version of Dzogchen and are likewise covered. Rainbow body (resurrection) is consistent with the science of the atom and its well-known dual nature.

Rainbow body attests to the naturalness of what Christians mistakenly refer to as Jesus’s miracle resurrection.

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The Illusion of Death

What Jesus and Buddah Taught About Death and What Science Confirms

The book centers on strange deaths that have taken place over the course of history in the Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and biblical traditions where the deceased left no corpse behind. The Tibetan rainbow body phenomenon is of particular interest because it occurs in modern times.

Jesus’s resurrection is also singled out. Unlike the other deaths, His is held to be miraculous, God’s direct intervention in human affairs. Jesus’s crucified corpse is said to have taken on new life in the tomb and bodily arose. Research on the Shroud of Turin—and don’t be misled, it is Jesus’s actual burial cloth—tells a very different story. There was no bodily resurrection. That which is called resurrection is, like the other strange deaths, the natural way the body is designed to gracefully exit the planet. Moreover, the teachings in a forgotten text called the Gospel of Thomas lay out the state of mind which is required in order to die a corpse-less death. The Thomas teachings parallel the very practices the Tibetan Buddhists follow in achieving rainbow body.

Reality, as the great quantum scientists tell us, is merely an illusion, a state of mind as is death. The book backs up that statement with cold, hard fact. But the notion is soundly rejected by faith based Western religions where belief overrides fact, especially by Christianity due to its heavy investment in a resurrection miracle.

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Illusion of Death book cover
Cross-Dressing My Way to Heaven book cover

Cross-Dressing My Way to Heaven

A Blatant Rebuke of Misguided Socioreligious Gender Norms.

Spiritual perfection is realized when all dual thought is eliminated from the mind stream. Through a life-long meditation practice, spiritually realized Tibetan Buddhists overcome life’s final dual hurdle…mind/body… and transform their bodies to formless spirit in a centuries old phenomenon known as rainbow body. Here, the practitioner trains to look through the extreme diversity found throughout reality and find primordial sameness. Thus, dualities such as tall/short, fat/skinny, ignorant/smart and so forth are eliminated in favor of oneness. Of the dualities modern man must overcome, the male-female binary is arguably the most difficult. This is primarily because male-female differentness is flirtatiously framed and commercially exploited using an unwritten dress code which is enforced through social norms and Bible based religious teaching. Harsh punishment in the form of harassment, ridicule and sinner accusations await those who violate the code. Modern socioreligious gender norms work to make rigid a male-female duality that blocks the path to oneness and spiritual realization

True to his rebel nature, the author deliberately and blatantly violates the dress code in order to punctuate its discriminatory tone and irrelevance, redirecting man’s attention to the genderless state that God intended (Genesis 2:25) all along. Here he models his life-long hero, Jesus of Nazareth…brash, provocative, rule-breaker extraordinaire who had zero tolerance for meaningless, destructive norms of His time (e.g., dining with sinners and tax collectors).

There are men/women bathrooms and men/women clothing departments. But, there are no men/women cemeteries. When the trumpet blows for the last time the sameness of everyone is revealed. Spiritual perfection awaits those who come to terms while still alive.

Don’t be misled by the carnival sounding title of the book. It contains a serious message that will change your life if you let it.

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