Tom Devins

For thirty years, J. Thomas (“Tom”) Devins, worked as a chemical engineer/businessman in the petroleum industry. He has taken his considerable problem-solving skills from the laboratory and boardroom and applied them to the greatest unknown of all—the mystery of death as now understood in the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition.

Tom’s business career ended with early retirement to care for a terminally ill wife. After ten years and her passing, mystical experiences followed which directed him to a seventeen year study including an onsite investigation of a recent rainbow body death where a Tibetan Buddhist master died and his corpse vanished into thin air. In his research, Tom connected the Shroud of Turin, Eastern mystical death traditions, the science of the atom and the Gospel of Thomas. That which emerged is a clear, refreshing understanding of the process known as death, with the conclusion that we all have what it takes to exit the planet by resurrection, just as Jesus did. Death is truly an illusion.

As you become familiar with his work, you will encounter a strange blend of terms, such as rainbow body, resurrection, Gospel of Thomas, Shroud of Turin, reincarnation, karma, the atom, Dzogchen and others. They all combine to upend the paradigms of traditional theology and the physical and cognitive sciences and reveal a radically new view of reality and what it really means to be human.

Tom lives in the Texas Hill Country where he serves as Mom and Dad to two lovely daughters and Pa-Pa to nine beautiful grandchildren: one set of quads, one set of identical twins, two of routine birth and one by adoption. He also serves as surrogate father to two young ladies from Kathmandu. One is in the USA working toward a college degree. The other, an orphan, will follow in her footsteps as soon as a student visa is obtained.