Tom Devins

Tom Devins is a rare breed and breath of fresh air, having uncovered something that has fallen under the radar screen of Western scholars who are limited by a lack of capacity to think outside the Bible. He has connected the extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist mystical death tradition known as rainbow body to the forgotten Jesus teaching found in the obscure Gospel of Thomas and modern science.

His twenty year study effort highlights the subjective nature of reality and what it means to be human. Tom’s work sheds new light on the Shroud of Turin, allowing us to rethink who Jesus really was and what really happened on that first Easter Sunday. The Shroud is a lot more than a Christian relic. It testifies to the true nature of reality and belongs to every living human being.

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Are you ready to begin your journey and discover the answers to some of life’s (and death’s) toughest questions? Read the books and see how Tom Devins uniquely bridges the wide chasm that separates Tibetan and Western cultures and uncovers a Westernized path to the everlasting life that Jesus promised.

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