Donald Trump is, arguably, the most pro-life President this country has ever had.  In his Presidency he:

  • Appointed only pro-life judges to the federal courts — including three to the Supreme Court
  • Signed into law a bill permitting states to take money away from Planned Parenthood they were getting through the Title X program
  • Through executive order, allowed states to withhold Medicaid money from groups performing abortion, including Planned Parenthood
  • Instituted a rule through the Department of Health and Human Services that bars any facility that performs or refers for abortion from access to Title X funding
  • Reinstituted the Mexico City policy — preventing almost $9 billion in overseas aid from being used for abortion
  • Cut off all funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which is a major worldwide proponent of abortion
  • Backed legislation like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and pushed for full federal defunding of Planned Parenthood
  • Quietly appointed various pro-life personnel scattered all over government — which is almost a first in any administration (some of the personnel appointed even have written into Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) guidelines that when the documents refer to human beings, that term includes babies in the womb)
  • Had the DHS issue a rule for insurance companies that they declare to their customers whether they cover abortion or not, thus giving pro-life Americans the ability to make a choice when deciding on an insurer for themselves
  • Brought an end to the Obama attack on religious freedom of employers who do not want to pay for abortion drugs in their employees’ insurance policies

(Note. These list of accomplishments were taken from the Blog Site, Church Militant and their October 16, 2019 blog, “Episcopal Smoke Screen.”)

Donald Trump is, arguably, the most pro-life President this country has ever had.

On the other hand, as a pro-life supporter Trump becomes an opponent of free will. Supporters of free will argue that, above all, a person should always, always, always, have the freedom to choose as they see fit in all circumstances, allowing their conscience be their guide, freely accepting the consequences either in this life or the next.  In the case of abortion, those who object to a pro-choice, choice, are effectively claiming that the chooser’s conscience is morally corrupt. 

Moral corruption is the moral side of the issue. It is a religion problem. From that perspective, religion is its own worst enemy. It argues for the end of something that is rooted in a morally deficient conscience, the prevention of which is its primary reason for existence. 

For a view on how to end abortion once and for all, please refer to my blog, Changing the Abortion DebateRedefine when life begins! Life doesn’t begin at conception, nor does it begin at 7 weeks gestation. It begins when the previous life took its last breath. Now, there is something that has solid proof offered by observation and experience. In this bloggers view the street protestors with their STOP ABORTION signs directed at the Planned Parenthood Clinic need to turn their parade around and take their protest to the Church from which they came, where the long term solution rests.

But anyway, if Pro-Life is your agenda then Donald Trump is your man. There are of course other agenda items to consider, but I am not going there; too dangerous, too contentious. You will have to  figure them out on your own. 

I have already cast my vote. Which way did I go? You can figure that out too.

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