The Alpha and the Omega

The Bible refers to Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. That designation is traditionally interpreted to mean that he is the underpinning of all reality. That is, he was present before reality came into being. And he will be the last one standing when reality is gone. Drawing from the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, this video blog offers a different interpretation. The real you also underpins reality and will still be around at the end.

At issue is how did man, made from meaningless Big Bang cosmic dust, came to acquire cognitive capacity; that is, the ability to think, recall, intend, be aware, sense pain and so forth. The Bible creation story tells us that these qualities were infused into man by the breathe of God. Evolution, now almost universally accepted as man’s path to who he is today, reduces the Bible creation story to pure myth. The Bible creation story is the god-intoxicated ancients’ way of explaining reality based on their feeble understandings at the time. How then did cognitive capacity come to be? Be aware. The answer will change everything you have been told about yourself and reality.

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