The following is a late stage draft of the Introduction to a book I am writing, The Shroud Of Turin – The Ticking Time Bomb. I expect the book to be published by mid-summer, 2022.

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The Shroud of Turin, considered by many as Jesus’s burial cloth, denies His claimed miraculous bodily resurrection from the dead. Years of high quality research proves that resurrection was actually a radiation event. His crucified body dissolved into packets of energy, vanishing into primordial nothingness. Science, claiming it knows of no way a human body can vanish from sight, defaults to a miracle claim. Science’s lack of knowledge is self inflicted ignorance. Human bodies have been vanishing into nothingness since before the Christian Era, even taking place in modern times. Known as rainbow body, it happens in Tibetan Buddhism where it is approached as a teachable skill. Science’s lack of knowledge is traced to a bias against non-theistic Buddhism, something it shares with the Christian institution. Shroud research results, when combined with Buddhist rainbow body observation and experience, make a powerful statement about the true nature of reality. Reality is subjective where mind is primary in human experience and resurrection, like rainbow body, is natural. This radical message is held hostage to Western science’s and religion’s unwavering belief in an objective reality where resurrection can only be explained by miracle. Truth is like the sun. You can hide it but you can’t make it go away. The world is awash with change, especially among the youth who favor de-institutionalizing everything that hints of old ways of thinking, especially religion. It is they who will bring the truth that is embedded in the Shroud to the light of day. And, when they do, the nature of the Shroud will change from a Christian relic to an artifact that the entire world needs to know about. The implications of a subjective reality are mind bogging. The Shroud of Turin is truly a ticking time bomb.


The Shroud of Turin is Jesus’s burial cloth although there are many critics to take exception to the claim. It is my gut feel that most of the criticism is related to the miracle claim that is attached to it. Acceptance of authenticity is tantamount to accepting God’s intervention into human affairs, a definite taboo in today’s secular world. Maybe with this book I can change that. There was no miracle resurrection.

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The Shroud is arguably the most studied relic of all time. It may also be the most visible, most controversial, most misunderstood, and, sadly, the most misrepresented. I could well hold the world’s record for attending Shroud of Turin presentations, beginning with middle school years. All were sponsored by the Catholic Church except for recently when I began attending conferences in public forum. Reading books, academic papers and websites and watching the many related YouTube videos round out my understanding. 

All, and by that I mean one hundred percent, of the Church sponsored presentations I attended centered around those features of the cloth which are visible to the naked eye. That is: 1) Jesus’s crucified image displayed in faint, straw yellow color and, on the image, 2) head wounds from a crown of thorns, 3) flogging wounds on the torso, 4) nail holes in the wrists and feet, and 5) a side wound from a thrust spear. Collectively, the features confirm the biblical account of Jesus’s crucifixion; reminders of the horrendous price He paid for forgiveness of man’s sins, a bedrock belief in Christian faith. The attendees leave the presentations comforted that the Bible got it right; it presents an accurate depiction of Jesus’s execution and burial as evidenced in the Shroud. 

Then, a gigantic leap of faith takes place. If the depiction of crucifixion and entombment are biblically correct, then surely the biblical description of what happened after the tomb was sealed is correct as well, i.e., a miraculousbodily resurrection from the dead, likewise a nondebatable article of faith. The attendees depart the presentation pleased, a little wiser, a newfound and fearful thinking of the consequence of sin, and the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from being a little closer to God than they earlier were. The pastor grins from ear to ear. Unfortunately, the attendees (and the pastor) are unaware that they received a water-down version of the Shroud’s message. Rather than confirm a miraculous bodily resurrection, the cloth actually denies it. This inconvenient message is found in the features which are invisible to the naked eye. Sadly, this misrepresentation happens numerous times in Western culture throughout the course of a year, year after year after year.

            In the hidden view one finds that the atomic bonds in the image area of the cloth differ from those in the non-image area. Something of an atomic nature bombarded and severed the normal atom to atom linkages in the threads. Close examination also reveals that the blood marks on the cloth are a mirror image of the lesions which produced them. That is, the blood clots on the body were forcefully decoupled from their mother wounds and pushed into the Shroud. The cloth was also in motion at the time of image formation, parallel to the burial slab. Jesus’s image could not have possibly formed while the Shroud was contoured around His body. If it were, it would be seriously distorted when viewed in two dimensions as it is today. There are many other hidden features which you will learn later.

There is only one way to explain the hidden features; resurrection was a radiation event, an energy release. There was no bodily arising. By radiation, I don’t mean Jesus’s corpse shone like a lightbulb or sparkled like a Fourth of July sparkler. I mean the body dematerialized into packets of energy, vanishing from sight. Dematerialization in this manner tells us that the human body is made of energy. It is energy assembled into form. Einstein was correct. E does equal mc2. Radiation theory is gaining traction with Shroud researchers but is not universally accepted. The main drawback is science. It claims it knows of no way a human body can radiate away. Foundational Christian bodily resurrection doctrine stands in the way as well. 

The statement that science doesn’t know that a human body can vanish in radiation is true. But, the lack of knowledge is of its own neglect. Here we have a research shortfall that is as damaging to understanding the Shroud as is the misrepresentation that occurs from relying on superficial features to explain it. True research requires inquiry into all relevant information. And, this means, stepping outside the box which is bounded by Christian doctrine and into the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Here one finds that human bodies can in fact radiate away, and have been doing so since before the Christian Era, even in modern times. The phenomenon is called rainbow body and it is realized through regimented mind training in development of man’s psychic powers. You will learn about rainbow body in Chapter Two and the methods of attainment in Chapters Three and Four. Shroud researchers, trapped in science’s self-inflicted ignorance and Church leaders who are frozen stiff in non-debatable religious doctrine, simply lack the will and/or capacity to comprehend rainbow body. Researchers and clergy are not alone. I find that bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and academia are likewise inflicted.

The reluctance to climbing out of the box is difficult to explain. Perhaps Tibetan Buddhism’s enduring reputation of wizardry, black magic, and tribal beginnings is the problem. Their ways are a far cry from Western science’s rigorous, methodical investigative platform, which demands repeatability and specifically excludes human consciousness as a variable. Too, Buddhism is nontheistic, placing it at odds with Western religion. The shaved heads and wooly robes its monks wear don’t help either. They are blatant statements against fashionism which bring far too close to home the asceticism that Jesus taught but which the religion that grew up around Him ignores. Finally, there is the issue of cognitive dissidence. Cognitive dissidence is a human malady that causes man to reject new information that challenges core belief. It helps him to avoid the sinking feeling that comes from being told wrong on matters of great importance. Cognitive dissidence not only causes the rejection of new information, it also brings about a stiffening of resistance when faced with persistence, creating an almost defiant bias against disseminating the new knowledge and the need to defame the originator. It street language, it is known as “inability to step outside the box.”

Put it all together and you find a Tibetan culture that is considered ignorant under Western norms. What we wind up with is a short sighted research project which studies the two thousand year old death of a man who died and left no corpse behind, but ignores a like death that took place, literally, yesterday. I often wonder, “Who is the real ignoramus in the crowd?” Untold thousands of Tibetan Buddhists have realized rainbow body. I visited two rainbow body realization sites in 2018 and talked to eye witnesses, which I will tell you about later. I also have time lapsed photos of a rainbow body in progress to show you. In the end, acceptance of rainbow body changes the total scope and direction of Shroud research for it forces the researchers to seek natural causes to explain its observations. It removes the miracle cover they currently use for explanations.

The Shroud, with its hidden features, contains the scientific evidence that Western science thrives on. When combined with the centuries of rainbow body observation and experience, the two make a bold statement about the true nature of reality. But-God forgive us-the Western input is swept under the carpet with a miracle claim and the Tibetan contribution is ignored for the reasons mentioned. Studies take us down the same old road, Jesus died for man’s sins, God raised Him from the dead, the Shroud proves it, blah, blah, blah. Give me a wakeup call when it is all over. The Shroud is much more than a religious relic. It speaks to the true nature of reality. And, it concerns the entire world population. But, labeled a religious (Christian) relic, trapped in short sighted research, demonstrably false religious doctrine, dull thinking, and superficial understandings, its message goes unheard. The silence is deafening. 

As I stepped out of Church sponsored Shroud presentations and entered public forum events I found a mixed bag of impressions. I was impressed with the depth and quality of research that has gone into Shroud inquiry and the sincere effort, all volunteer, of talented researchers who conducted it. I was disappointed that none of the researchers, and here I mean zero, knew of rainbow body. I kid you not. I was also disappointed that the claimed miracle nature of image formation was not challenged. As I think of the hidden details in the Shroud I ask, “Why did God install the many veiled features in the cloth in raising Jesus from the dead when all he had to do was wave a miracle magic wand and bring Him back to life. Is God playing a ‘cat and mouse game’ with the Shroud?” I know a little about research, having spent seven years in R &D with a major petroleum company with a patent to show for it. In true research, the first item of business is to challenge observations to ensure they make sense. Based on God’s strange behavior in implementing miracle, it appears to me that common sense is on vacation in Shroud research. Who is minding the store?

If Shroud inquiry would expand into Tibetan Buddhist culture it would find four enlightening facts: 1) rainbow body is real, 2) achievement is a teachable skill, 3) a school in Tibet teaches how and, 4) the teachings are based on principles which are set forth in the Gospel of Thomas. 

The Gospel of Thomas is a Jesus sayings gospel, Jesus said this, Jesus said that. Written contemporary with the Gospels, perhaps a little later, it is noncanonical. Its noncanonical status distances it as a tool for explaining the Shroud. If it concerns Jesus and is not in Bible, it can’t possibly be true…blah, blah, blah. Thomas raises yet another sticky issue. By laying out a proven path (proven in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition) to spiritual perfection, manifest in a corpse-less death, it outright denies the so-called inerrant words of Genesis 3:19, “To dust you shall return.” It also asks, “Why did Jesus need a miracle to accomplish what common people do on their own?” These are common sense questions true research must answer. 

The sum and substance is this. Resurrection is not a miracle. It’s the natural way the human body is designed to exit the planet. It is a learnable skill. Tibetan Buddhist prove it, literally, as I write. Resurrection does not require belief in God or participation in religion. A natural resurrection reveals a subjective reality. In modern world view, reality is objective. In objective reality, all physical phenomena are presented through sense perception and exist independent of, and different from, each other. It is where mind is something a person owns. In a subjective reality, mind is something the person is and matter is a derivative of consciousness, meaning, at the core of existence, all physical phenomena are the same, a thought. In objective reality, a psychic event reflects mind over matter and which can only happen with divine intervention. In a subjective reality there is no such thing as a psychic event; all things are possible for the properly developed mind. It’s not a question of mind over matter; it is mind in matter.

So what happens is this. Trapped in an objective view of reality, researchers, clergy, academics, laity, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and so forth default to miracle to explain the Shroud. This is as they should because a miracle is for sure required in an objective reality. Here we have the classic case of the human being deciding the true nature of reality. Could we be more arrogant? It never occurs to the Shroud enthusiasts that perhaps resurrection isn’t a miracle after all; perhaps it is a crutch that man uses because he harbors the wrong view of reality. Perhaps reality is not objective after all. Whatever happened to creative thought? But, that is exactly what happens when the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body phenomenon is ignored. Reality doesn’t give a hoot as to what you, I and everyone else thinks of it. It is what it is. If you think resurrection is a miracle, then you are invested in the wrong view. There is no easy way to say it.

Still, the idea of a divine Jesus who was resurrected from the dead has strong staying power. He is different, it is said, than Buddhist rainbow body adepts for this and that reason. That is fine if that is what you choose to believe. But, for me, spiritualization of my body is the avoidance of death and the ultimate expression of a life well led. The truth is, I don’t really need an orthodox Jesus and all of the rules and doctrinal baggage He carries with Him. I will follow my Jesus, the one who identifies with the Gospel of Thomas, thank you very much.

Before going further, perhaps a sneak preview of the reality that all of this points to is in order. The chapters that follow will back it up. The primordial condition that underpins all physicality is an unbounded, unfocused field of energy, straight out of Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2. That is, “E” (energy) and “m” (mass) are the same. They equate in quantity by a constant, “c2”, the speed of light squared. In other words, there is no such thing as matter. Everything is energy. This understanding-and his equation has never been proven wrong-makes resurrection and rainbow body explainable in natural terms.

So, what is energy anyway? It may surprise you that science doesn’t really know. Energy is the force behind a thrown rock without the rock; the push of a gust of wind without the air; or the power of a breaking wave without the water. Energy then is an ineffable something that has oomph. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus refers to it as the Father.

As you will soon learn, primordial energy is alive; it is conscious. As Jesus would say, it is the Living Father. Look at it this way. Primal energy is like a blind horse, randomly prancing about yet instantly ready and capable of doing work, when and where directed. Consciousness is the rider with 20/20 vision, directing the horse to where and in what form it needs to be. 

Furthermore-and this is key-the conscious, primal energy base abhors all forms of duality, intervening in measured remedial ways when presented with dualistic circumstance. The bias against duality comes straight from Jesus’s Gospel teachings: do treat others as you would like to be treated,  judge not, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, lend without expectation of repayment, and so forth. None of these commands can be fulfilled to the nth degree as long as dual thinking prevails. As long as I think you are different from me, then, when resources run short and tempers flare, after me you come first. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus brings the bias against duality straight down to the bottom line. If you are a person who thinks and behaves as if male is different from female, gay is different from straight, Jews are different from Christians and so forth, then you can kiss goodbye the prospects of ever entering the kingdom. Elimination of duality in thought, word and deed is key to rainbow body (and resurrection) realization and, so, the initiates train their minds to be nondual. The issue here is recognition of the mistake of formulating reality based on sense perception which is the champion of differentness. The training is actually a brain rewiring exercise that teaches to look through nature’s diversity of form and find sameness in everything, eliminating duality. If you can do this you can get a refund on your prepaid burial expenses. You won’t be needing that service.

Thus, the primal condition is an ineffable something with oomph that is conscious, abhors duality, and underpins all physical phenomena. Sounds an awful like God to me, except it is not a person. 

Of all of the dualities that man sustains, the most difficult arises from ignoring Einstein’s equation; he mistakenly thinks that E (energy) is different from m (mass). Energy and mass are but two sides of the same coin. Form and formless, matter and energy, body and spirit, whatever spectrum you choose, are actually the same. 

Man has known of matter duality since the early 1800’s but relegated it to the atomic world, thinking that it does not apply to real-world objects. Duality means that matter exists as either a solid particle, locatable with a GPS device, or in an ethereal kind of way (wave) that can’t be located. It is called wave/particle duality. We will cover this fundamentally important aspect of matter in Chapters One and Six and in Appendix C. Resurrection and rainbow body reveal that matter duality does, in fact, exist in the real-world. Thus, a crucified corpse in a tomb (particle) and empty tomb (wave) are one and the same. Through sense perception, they seem different. Failure to recognize that the former is but the latter that carried with it the intent to manifest in physicality is the downfall. Yes, they appear physically different but in the very essence of being, they are the same.

The bottom line is this. When the notion of miracle is dropped from resurrection, then science will have to follow the same steps that I took in this book to explain natural Shroud image formation. The inquiry will require excursion into Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body and the power of man’s psychic capacity to intend. It will be a bitter pill because, currently, psychic matters are specifically excluded from scientific investigation. As far as mainstream science is concerned, if something can’t be weighed or measured in three dimensions, then it doesn’t exist. It will be bitter for religion too, particularly Christianity, as foundational resurrection doctrine is on the chopping block. However, it may not be as bitter as you think. Pope Francis’ papacy has opened the door to radical, theological thinking and a new Christology is emerging in the fringe. I will have more to say about that later.

Now, I have a couple of guarantees for you. I guarantee that if you follow the principles and practices laid out in this book, there is a zero percent chance that you will resurrect or realize rainbow body when you die. The dualistic culture in which we live will not allow it and neither of us have what it takes to overcome the fallacy of sense perception. On the other hand, I also guarantee a one hundred percent chance of becoming a less religious and more spiritual, compassionate, empathetic person, a swagger that broadcasts “what you think of me is none of my business,” and much better prepared for when the horn blows for the last time. In Mark 8:34-36 Jesus asks, “What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” In my formative years I was taught that gaining the world meant heavy into flashy cars, neon nights, lavish homes and trendy fashion. I now understand what He really meant. One gains the world when one engages it solely on sense perception and fails to see its mind based nature. Jesus lays it on the line in the Gospel of Thomas where, paraphrasing, “If you expect to enter the kingdom then you better learn to think differently.” Thinking differently requires mind training to look through physical form to find Einstein’s primordial energy which underpins all matter. The human body is condensed energy that has taken on form; and that changes everything.

            The time is ripe. A new, creative way of thinking is at the doorstep. And, there is a wide-spread, refreshing, new openness afoot in world youth, tomorrow’s leaders, as they disaffiliate from institutionalized religion in favor of a spiritual path. It is they who will carry the load for, as a graduate of the school of hard knocks, I can assure you that the elderly and the intellectual elite are beyond change. The Shroud of Turin, with its scientifically proven hidden features, can lead the parade with the youth its true keeper. The Shroud is not a Christian relic. It belongs to everyone. It is a crying shame that the non-Christian world knows little to nothing about it. I’m hopeful this book will help bridge the gap. After all, in the Great Commission He instructed the disciples to broadcast the good news to all nations, then He left a relic with which to accomplish the task. The cloth’s hidden features were purposely placed, I believe, by Him so that, through them, everyone can understand reality and what life is all about. Truth is like the sun. You can block it out but you can’t make it go away. The Shroud’s time is now. Tick, tick, tick.

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