Dirty Tricks Politics?

I don’t usually subscribe to conspiracy theory, but there is something going on in Covid19 death reporting that simply does not pass the smell test. CDC’s numbers are based on state submitted death certificates that are coded as “Covid19 related” but subject to revision after federal review, which could take up to eight weeks. The revised count is then added to the current death count instead of restating the numbers for the period in which the deaths actually occurred. Thus, a death count for a given week is the actual deaths recorded in that week plus the backlog revisions from previous weeks. In other words, a death count of say 1,000 does not mean that 1,000 people suddenly dropped dead from Covid19. It means that “x” number of people dropped dead plus “y” number of deaths that took place in prior periods. Here, “x” plus “y” equals 1,000. And here is the thing about it. Since mid-April all of the adjustments in death count have been upward. Actual weekly Covid19 death counts are at an all time low.

Additionally, we must remember it is to the hospital’s advantage to record a Covid19 death. A Covid19 death receives an additional 20% Federal funding. Case in point is a recent motorcycle death in Florida. The death was ruled Covid19 since the deceased tested positive. In defending the classification the attending physician noted that while technically the man died of the accident, Covid19 could have caused it. That ching-ching you hear is the sound of a cash register.

Since mid-April all of the adjustments in death count have been upward. Actual weekly Covid19 death counts are at an all time low.

The current accounting practice is so unorthodox that it raises a red flag. No intelligent person would account in that manner. The underhandedness is blatant. With an election coming in November the left has every reason to forestall economic recovery and marginalize Trump for mismanaging the pandemic. This, coupled with the well organized, well funded, riot activity that is taking place and the extreme measure the media and the left have taken in the past to discredit Trump from the outset of his presidency makes one wonder.

I just hate it. When November comes around I will once again have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

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  1. I totally agree on everything you said except the last sentence. I don’t know how Trump is the lesser of two evils when he took the economy, jobs, stock market and building a fence to an all time high. He’s helped the country in so many ways. I just don’t know what President has done more, in my lifetime, and I’m old.

    • Amen! Trump also has had more sex trafficking arrests than Obama/Biden did in 8 years. Think “build the wall” was just about illegal immigrants? Nope! If you research you will see the enormous amount this president has accomplished. I believe there are forces at work to keep him from being reelected and this bad case reporting is just another example.

    • My only knock is his close alignment with the Christian evangelicals and their hard line against the LGBTQ community. I detest all forms of discrimination.

    • I agree. He has accomplished a lot. My only complaint is I wish he was more receptive to minority classes, especially immigrants from South America and LBGTQ community. However it does appear to me that he is softening his stance somewhat.

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