Changing the Abortion Debate

Christianity is its own worst enemy in the abortion battle. Abortion is outright murder of innocent life and Christianity, because of birth doctrine, is an accomplice to the crime. Well-meaning pro-life protestors little realize they are fighting the wrong battle. They have brought a broom stick to a sword fight.

At issue is when life begins. In the United States it is generally held to occur at 28 weeks gestation. General consensus holds that, at that time, the baby is able to exist on its own outside the womb although it may need medical assistance. Gestation varies narrowly from state to state and there are provisions for abortion after 28 weeks, but they are very strict and limited. According to Wikipedia, about 56 million abortions are performed worldwide each year. 

New life doesn’t begin at 28 weeks gestation. It begins when the previous life died. Here I am speaking of reincarnation. Reincarnation is real. It happens. It cannot be denied. Reincarnation changes the abortion debate by redefining when life actually begins. The fetus being murdered has lived for thousands if not millions of years.

Christianity teaches that life begins at conception. It is here that the newly fertilized egg becomes ensouled. Thus, conception is a three way partnership between Mom, Dad and God. Mom and Dad provide the physical attributes. God provides the soul. The soul is an ill defined feature that animates Mom’s and Dad’s physical creation plus adds cognitive ability. It is said to be immortal, separating from the body at death. In the teaching, at death, the body succumbs to decay but will someday, called the end of times, “resurrect” and be reunited with lifelong companion soul. Then the two shall live happily ever after, warm and squishy, wrapped in God’s loving arms. That is, provided they met with God’s approval while they were together. Otherwise the reunion will be steeped in suffering. The entire Christian story is wrapped around the notion of the soul.

But what happens when the soul doesn’t separate from the body? What happens when the so-called soul takes the body with it when it goes? It happens. It has happened hundreds of thousands of time in human history. Recent incidents are well documented. The phenomenon is called rainbow body and is found primarily in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It also occurred on the first Easter Sunday in the case of Jesus. However, Jesus was divine we are told, so, His accomplishment is regarded as singularly unique in human history; a miracle that is beyond common human capacity, distancing it from rainbow body. I find it strange that Jesus needed divine assistance to do what others do on their own, but that is another story. 

Reincarnation changes the abortion debate by redefining when life actually begins

The rainbow body phenomenon has many far reaching implications, including radically defining the nature of reality. It tells us that the human body is an ineffable, formless, intelligent, primordial something which organized itself into form. And, it goes from formless to form for a reason and returns to primordial formlessness when the reason has been removed. In a term most Christians can identify with, we can say that the body is the “word made flesh,” word here meaning the ineffable, formless, intelligent, primordial something I just referred to. With that understanding, the notion of a soul which is created at birth is denied. Here, reincarnation enters the narrative and the reason behind the transformation from formless to form is its twin sister, karma. A formed existence is no longer required once karma is extinguished. Rainbow body results. Implicit in the understanding is that the rainbow body adept achieves a karma free existence while alive, which he or she does in the practice called Dzogchen or something equivalent to it like the teachings of the Gospel of Thomas.

Life then begins at death where a new formed existence is put into motion to deal with karmic issues. All I am saying here is that there is no such thing as a soul. Reality is a formless primordial something that takes on flesh (form) when there are outstanding karmic issues to resolve and returns to formless-ness when karmic issues are no more. It is a process which is repeated until all karmic issues are resolved. This is the explanation for rainbow body realization and it unveils the truth of reincarnation. Postulation that life begins when a fertilized egg is infused with a soul is a sheer speculative belief. Beliefs are not fact and, accordingly, are useless in a debate where facts matter. The key issue in abortion is not the loss of life but when does life actually begin. Life begins when the ineffable, formless, intelligent, primordial something makes the decision to incarnate. And that occurs prior to conception and it has made that decision enumerable times.

Reincarnation is real. It can only be denied through willful ignorance which is what blind investment in Christian soul doctrine is when viewed in the context of rainbow body – willful ignorance. The stakes are high. There is the prospect of saving millions of lives by arguing for installation of the reality of reincarnation in Western society bringing with it a defensible argument as to when life really begins. Unfortunately, the revelation comes at the cost of eliminating a 2,000 year old religious tradition which has 2.3 billion adherents worldwide. It is a difficult decision, one that most certainly lies beyond the capacity of the clergy to make, as crow is on the menu and jobs are on the line. The prospect of being unemployed with a divinity degree can be a frightening experience. To expect such a decision can be likened to a congressman voting in favor of term limits. Not likely. But, in the ten minutes it took me to write the above, another 1,000 babies were murdered somewhere in the world. 

Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007) set the standard for Western understanding of reincarnation. He was a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine for 50 years in various capacities. A pioneer of rebirth study, Stevenson published 14 books on the subject along with some three hundred papers. In investigating about 3,000 rebirth claims he found that emotions, memories and even physical wounds (in the form of birthmarks) transfer from life to life. The most promising evidence for reincarnation comes from spontaneous activity of children, generally aged two to seven. At that age the mind is relatively uncluttered with the biases that aggregate throughout adulthood. His investigative approach was meticulous, likened to the case a cracker-jack trial attorney might put together for his jury audience.  I’m not going to go through the details here. If the reader wishes more information I refer him/her to my book The Illusion of Death (Amazon, 2017, pp 189-194) and Christianity’s Dirty Little Secrets (Lulu Publishing, 2020, pp 173-175). 

A compelling case for reincarnation is found in the life of James Leininger, a child who believed he was the reincarnate of WW II downed fighter pilot James Huston. Huston was killed at the Battle of Iwo Jima when his fighter plane was hit by Japanese artillery. Leininger’s parents were staunch Christian so there is little support for the idea that children are coached in remembering past lives. Leininger’s story was televised by ABC News. Google the words “James Leininger” for more information. (I also cover it in Christianity’s Dirty Little Secrets.)

The story of Jeffery Keene is also worth checking out. Keene believes he is the incarnate of Col. John B. Gordon of the Civil War era who was wounded at the battle of Sunken Road. Keene not only bears marks where Gordon was wounded, he shows symptoms from his predecessor’s wounds and even facial resemblance. His story is wide spread from reliable sources on the internet. (I also cover it in The Illusion of Death.)

The 12 year old incarnate of the former abbott

Of course, you can’t speak to reincarnation without mentioning the 14th Dalai Lama, the incarnate of the 13th (who was the incarnate of the 12th, and so forth.) The fourteenth’s is an interesting story. It will give you an idea of the type of investigative detail that is involved in selecting someone of the Dalai Lama’s stature. Again, the story is available all over the internet or in my book Christianity’s Dirty Little Secrets.

Finally I would like to report on Edgar Cayce’s (1877-1945) work on reincarnation. Cayce was a modern day clairvoyant. He was also a devout Christian. Cayce had a unique ability to, while under self-induced hypnotic trance, peer into past lives of others and find healing solutions in the form of kitchen remedies to health problems where traditional medical approaches failed. Called life readings, he performed over 14,000 of them in his lifetime. They are catalogued in the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach, Virginia. His story is well known of the internet. 

It is beyond this blogger’s belief that reincarnation is ignored by Christianity. If successfully implemented in Western society it would change the entire abortion narrative by establishing when life begins in a way that, unlike soul doctrine, is highly defensible. Almost 25% of Christians say they believe in reincarnation or are open to it. They can’t make that statement and remain Christian as reincarnation and Christianity soul doctrine, are mutually exclusive traditions. The former is imminently defendable from observation and experience; the latter is faith based where beliefs outweigh facts. Christians need to exit the pro-life, pro-choice shouting match and cease relying on a reorganization of the Supreme Court to legalize their beliefs. The issue requires they look inward and see the fallacy of foundational soul doctrine and how it obscures the real issue of when life truly begins. A switch from soul doctrine to reincarnation belief would be tantamount to burning down the barn to get rid of the rats. And come to think of it, that may not be such a bad idea if it would save 50 million lives per year.

Where do you stand on the subject? If you believe in, or are open to, reincarnation then your hands have abortion blood on them. What are you doing to stop the murders and set the record straight on when life really begins?

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