Secret Gospel of Thomas

Per Shroud of Turin research Jesus’s body, in what is known as resurrection, dematerialized into its atomic parts in a shower of light. In the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition common people dematerialize their corpses into their atomic parts in a shower of light.

Shroud research provides hard evidence that a human body can, in fact, dematerialize into its atomic parts. However, the Bible provides little insight into what caused the dematerialization, other than it was an act of God. We know of rainbow body dematerialization through observation and experience and the testimony of eye witnesses. Hard scientific proof is lacking. But, in rainbow body we know what causes dematerialization. It is a complex yogic practice called Dzogchen. In its simplest definition, Dzogchen is a method for enforcing one’s intent to cease having a material existence.

Are resurrection and rainbow body the same thing? They are if you believe the Secret Gospel of Thomas.

Thomas was a lost gospel until 1945 when a Coptic version was discovered along with a cache of other Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It was condemned by early Church Fathers and, accordingly, is not included in the orthodox canon. Thomas is a sayings gospel; Jesus said this, Jesus said that. Crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, miracle working and so forth are notable by their absence. Saying Number 1 goes like this: “Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.” Another saying stresses the need to eliminate all duality of thought; that is to look through the diversity in mother nature and see sameness in everything. Yet another tells of the need to eliminate the notion of self. Self is the agency, a mental creation in all regards, that causes the person to think he or she is different than the person standing next to them. Self must be eliminated if duality of thought is to be eliminated. Elsewhere, Jesus notes of the marvel of marvels when the human body transforms to spirit. As it turns out, these teachings rest at the core of Dzogchen. It appears that Dzogchen Masters have a reliable method of implementing the principles that Jesus set forth in the Secret Gospel of Thomas.

Conclusion? Death without leaving a corpse behind is a teachable skill.