Everything is made of atoms. They are difficult to describe with words as no one has ever seen an atom with their eyes. Their existence is inferred. The best one can do is offer a description that stirs the imagination.

One description has electrons circling a mother nucleus much like a satellite whirls around mother earth. If this complex were expanded such that the nucleus was the size of a basketball, the electron’s orbit would take it twenty miles away. In other words, the atom is 99.999% “empty space.” But, the words “empty space” need to be placed in quotation marks because “empty space” is not really empty. It is a strange kind of energy that no one fully understands. Many religions know of it and label it in various ways: Tao, Brahma, Dharmakaya and Kingdom of God. “Empty space” is absolute. It depends on nothing else for its existence yet everything material depends on it for existence. It is the mother womb of the cosmos.

The atom can also be looked upon as compacted, bunched-up, “empty space.” That is, specific locations in space and time where “empty space” is extremely dense. While we like to think of material objects as solid, in truth, they are not. Matter is simply dense energy, i.e. compacted “empty space.” Emptiness is the natural state of everything; matter is a disturbance in “empty space.”



Human intent for material existence causes “empty space” to bunch-up. In other words, the atom is a mental state. The world has known of this strange relationship between mind and matter since the early 1800’s, thanks to the now famous Thomas Young Double-Slit experiment. Recent work by Dr. Dean Radin (Institute of Noetic Sciences) confirms the power human intent has over elemental atomic particles. His work echoes what the fathers of quantum theory (Albert Einstein, Max Planck and others) told us sixty years ago; reality is an illusion. The things that things are made of are not real; they are a thought. Fact is, human consciousness is an active participant in creating reality. And, as preposterous as it may seem, your body is just a thought.

In the corollary, the withdrawal of intent for materiality causes “empty space” to revert to its natural state of pure, undisturbed emptiness. This then is the underpinning of Rainbow Body and so-called Resurrection. They reflect the intent of the owner of the body to not be in body, i.e. not be a self, i.e. to be selfless. Selflessness is a virtue that all rainbow body adepts demonstrate, particularly Jesus. Arguably He was the most selfless person to ever exist, willingly forfeiting His life, punctuating His demise in the most painful way known to man, just to prove that death is an illusion.