It is a Tibetan Buddhist term that refers to a phenomenon where bodies of simple, spiritually disciplined people dissolve into emptiness, usually at death but in rare cases, prior to death. The term derives from the multicolored light display that  accompanies the dissolution.  The phenomenon is discussed in the book The Illusion of Death and elsewhere on this web-site.  It can also be found throughout the internet and in many well written books available at most booksellers.


Father Francis Tiso, a Catholic priest, is a central figure in the West’s understanding of the phenomenon. He personally investigated the September, 1998 passing of eighty year old Buddhist Monk Khenpo A-Chos, interviewing eye-witnesses to the event.  According to Father, with the monk’s passing his disciples watched in utter amazement as his body became baby pink and wrinkle free.  It progressively shrunk in size. After seven days it had completely disappeared, emitting rainbow colored light in the process. This strange death of course reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection, including the part about light.


Father’s research into the death of A-Chos and other Rainbow Body adepts produced a deep appreciation in him for the role of meditative and ascetic practices in paranormal activity.  Still, he draws a sharp distinction between Jesus’ resurrection and Rainbow Body, thus preserving the uniqueness of Jesus’ achievement and its divine underpinnings. The distinction is a red flag to this blogger. Resurrection underscores the need for a relationship with the divine. Rainbow Body emphasizes the mental aspect of spirituality to the exclusion of the divine. The two, resurrection and Rainbow Body, present very different views of reality; one highlighting God’s primacy in creation; the latter the primary role of consciousness. It is an interesting distinction for the mechanics of the body’s dissolution are the same.  How can the same result have two very different causes?


First recognize that Jesus did not bodily rise from the dead as is reported in the gospel accounts of His achievement and as is commonly thought by the Sunday morning pew sitter. His body dematerialized into its atomic parts. The dematerialization is proven in Shroud of Turin research, a discovery that has yet to make it to the Sunday morning pulpit. The dissolution took place with a release of energy that  produced a flash of light and shook the earth and displaced the entry stone that blocked the entrance to the tomb. The details are in Matthew’s account although one has to look through the written word to find them. The other gospel writers also report the presence of light at the tomb, manifest in the bright, brilliant, dazzling, lightening like clothing some mystery figures inside the tomb were wearing. These other three writers also report that the entry stone to the tomb had been removed but do not say how or why.

The evangelists were not eye witnesses to the resurrection. Their sources were second hand, at best, delivered forty to seventy years after the fact.  Apparently the sources told of some type of “explosion” inside the tomb which produced a flash of light and shook the earth with enough strength to dislodge the entry stone. Matthew, God intoxicated and ignorant of what Shroud research would eventually reveal, as were the others, attributed the “explosion” to an angel descending from heaven causing a “great earthquake.” His appearance “was like lightening” he wrote.  In his story, the angel himself rolled back the stone.  Theologians throughout the ages up to modern times have been caught up in a bodily arising.  They bought into Matthew’s account, lock stock and barrel.  The story is poorly told in the context of what Shroud research now tells, yet the institution is so heavily invested in bodily arising that it does not seem able to orchestrate change.


Light is perceived in the human stream of consciousness whenever photons, the units of light, are present.  Photons are generated when atomic objects revert from a high energy to low energy state, color being a measure of the extent of reversion. A photon is but a vibration in the earth’s electromagnetic field and it comes about with the release of atomic energy.  Thus, resurrection and Rainbow Body are both events taking place at the atomic level. It stands to reason. Bodies cannot vanish unless the things they are made of first vanish.  And everything is made of atoms.


Investigation of the two phenomena from an atomic perspective brings to mind the dual nature of matter. Matter is either solid, BB or pellet-like, or wave, invisible and vibrating in a vast emptiness. This vast emptiness is best described as the container for the material world. The container can be looked upon as an infinitely large melting pot that contains the things that atoms are made of.  Wave becomes particle when a human intends for it to be particle. As strange and outrageous as this may sound, the duality is easily demonstrated in garages and basements in what is known as the double-slit experiment. Matter duality is the true nature of reality. No one knows why. Get over it. Thats just the way it is. Resurrection and Rainbow Body take on new meaning when the word “flesh” is substituted for “particle” and the word “spirit” is substituted for “wave.” The substitution introduces the role of human consciousness into the phenomena, reducing the two to a double-slit experiment conducted on a human scale.  The operative words in the last sentence are “human consciousness.” Nothing in the material world, especially the human body, can exist unless a human intends a material existence. Said another way, cessation of intent for something to exist, such as a human body, will cause that something to cease to exist.  That is, it will cease existing as the lump it is in the giant container pot and become an invisible vibration therein. As said, no one knows why.  It is just the way it is.


The common thread which connects resurrection with Rainbow Body is the selflessness…the cessation of attention to self….of the owner of the body. Jesus, arguably, was the most selfless person to ever exist, proactively forcing His own death just to prove His teaching that life is eternal; death is an illusion. Rainbow Body adepts achieve selflessness by, through a life time of mental discipline, overriding their senses to accept that the natural state of everything is a wave in the vast container. That is to say, materiality is an aberration in the container, placed there by human intent for materiality. Bottom line: the human body exists only because the owner intends for it to exist.  That intent, called selfishness, is commonly expressed in many different ways and they all relate to survival and the pursuit of pleasure, comfort and security.


The point being made is this. The popular view that resurrection is a divinely orchestrated event and different from Rainbow Body distorts the view of the true nature of reality and what it means to be human. The human body is an illusion although, as Albert Einstein once said, a persistent one. It is real only to the extent that the owner, through selfish behavior, makes it real. Everything in the material world is a derivative of consciousness, something another great thinker, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, told us long ago.

The words of the Bible, “To dust thou shalt return” need to be appended with the words, “but only if you so intend.”