About the Author

I am James Thomas Devins.  I go by Tom. My writing career began shortly after the death of my wife, Molly, mother of our two daughters. Molly contracted Alzheimer’s Disease at the far too early age of forty-eight and died from it ten years later. It was my great pleasure to care for her in the last seven years of her life.  So, I abandoned a reasonably successful business career at age fifty five. A few years after her death I began to have mystical experiences….voices inside of me which led to a research and writing career, including two trips to Tibet where I studied Buddhist mystical death traditions.


My books are my story.  They are a story of a graduate Chemical Engineer who, tired of religious rules, while prompted by strange voices opted for a more meditative worship practice.  In that change I found God.  He was not “up there-some where,”  as previously thought. I found Him present metaphorically in the very atoms that make up my body, just as Jesus said; “The kingdom of God is within you.”  (Luke 17:21)  In my transformation I am no longer bound by days of the week, what and what not to eat, gender bias and other manmade rules.  Death is not the end.  It  is the beginning.   I “recalculated.”


Jesus is my hero. Beyond the selfless mindset He so vividly portrayed, I also derive inspiration from the way He thought and acted outside the box.  He stood strong against all flimsy, manmade attitudes and practices which diminish human value.  And, He was not the least bit bashful about expressing His views. I am not particularly strong in emulating Him; but, I try.


Christianity is a faith based religion. But, carte blanche acceptance of its version of truth on faith alone is tantamount to rejecting counter views as not-true. The religion makes no provision for the creative role consciousness plays in the human experience. This I cannot accept. There is simply too much experiential and scientific information to attest to the primacy of the mind, both in this life and the next. Travel to Tibet, experience the culture, study their Buddhist beliefs and the truth of mind primacy will be clear to you. I believe truth is found in experience and science, not the bible. You can be smart with impressive credentials, have dedicated followers and back up claims with scriptural reference.  But, no matter how glamorous your theory is,  if it doesn’t conform to science, it is wrong. If scientific fact contradicts the bible it is because God’s inerrant word has been misinterpreted by imperfect humans.

The human mind, like an athlete’s muscles, is trainable. Jesus trained His. I’m working on mine. How about you?