The Atom

Everything is made of atoms. Atoms are impossible to describe with words as no one has ever seen one with his eyes. Their existence is inferred. The best one can do is offer a description that stirs the imagination.

Laboratory tests on atoms indicate they cannot exist in material form unless a conscious intent to have them exist in material form is expressed. This material/not-material state of existence is known as duality of matter. The world has known of this strange feature since the early 1800’s but universally dismisses it, thinking it is a novelty of the atomic world without relevance in the day-to-day world of large objects. Then, along comes the rainbow body phenomenon. Here we have clear proof that duality does in fact manifest on a human scale. As it turns out, the composite does in fact mirror the fundamental elements of which it is made.

The Atom

Where does the atom go when it is not material? It goes wherever the atoms that make up the bodies of rainbow body adepts go when they likewise dissolve into a non-material state. Albert Einstein weighed in on the discussion when he said: “Beyond all concatenations there lies something that is subtle, intangible and ineffable.” That is where atoms go when they transform from material (obvious, tangible and understandable) to the non-material state. They go to a realm that is subtle, intangible and ineffable.

And it is all a matter of  intent; intent to have, or not have, a material existence. Fact is, we are all here, on the planet, because we intend to be here in material form. Remove that intent, as rainbow body attainers do, and the body transforms to a non-material state. What do you call something that is conditionally real; here then suddenly gone when the condition is removed? You call it an illusion. Your body and all other worldly phenomena are but illusions. The dream you had last night is but a dream within a dream.

This obvious but deeply thought-provoking observation ushers in a new, radical view of reality. But no one can see it.