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By J. THomas Devins

Rainbow Body

The Invisible Elephant

Devins’ assertion (The Illusion of Death) that, that which is referred to as Jesus’s resurrection is, in fact, a teachable skill, was ignored by Western religious and scientific institutions. His claim was based on studies of the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition and its connection to the Shroud of Turin through the apocryphal, Secret Gospel of Thomas and the science of the atom. Rainbow body is where the corpses of spiritually perfected people vanish at death. In this new book, Devins reasserts his claim, this time backed by a personal, on-site investigation of two archetype rainbow body deaths. While in Tibet he also visited a retreat center where students are taught how to achieve rainbow body.


Death without leaving a corpse behind speaks to the true nature of reality. It has nothing to do with God or religion. Religion, particularly Christianity, is in denial because rainbow body challenges foundational resurrection doctrine. Science denies because of its deep-rooted bias against the paranormal in the human experience. The denials come at a price. The “spectacularness” of  Rainbow body is magnified by the fact that it is fulfillment of the adepts’ intent to not have a material presence. Their intent is enforced through an ancient, pre-Christian era, yogic practice called Dzogchen. Rainbow body conclusively confirms the primacy of mind over matter and brings the many beneficial claims for contemplative practice to the forefront of thought. Institutional denials smother the claims.


In the book, Devins strives to overcome the negative prejudice exerted by mainstream religion and science. Sadly, each, in defending their respective, uncompromising, non-debatable agendas (even though proven fallacious by the rainbow body phenomenon) keep the common person from understanding his or her true nature. Rainbow body proves Western philosophy wrong. Mind is not something a person owns. The person is mind. And, the person’s body is mind assembled into form. As said in the Gospel of John: “The Word made flesh.” Read the book. Discover your true nature. See the elephant for yourself. Apply what it says to your daily life and you will become a happier, healthier, wiser person with a measure of “bulletproofness” surrounding you, and a much different, softer view of death.



J. Thomas Devins

J. Thomas Devins is a Chemical Engineer and businessman who has taken his considerable problem solving skills from the laboratory and boardroom and applied them to the greatest unknown of all—the mystery of death as now understood in the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition. His promising career in business ended with early retirement when he took leave in order to care for his ailing wife. After ten years and her passing, mystical experiences followed which directed him to a twelve year study including an onsite investigation of a recent rainbow body death where a Tibetan Buddhist master died and his corpse vanished into thin air. In his research, Devins connected the Shroud of Turin, Eastern mystical death traditions, the science of the atom and the Secret Gospel of Thomas. That which emerged is a clear, refreshing understanding of the process known as death, with the conclusion that we all have what it takes to exit the plant by resurrection, just as Jesus did. Death is truly an illusion.
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The human mind, like an athlete’s muscles, is trainable. Jesus trained His. I’m working on mine. How about you?

– J. thomas devins

Reality is that which you are thinking about that is no longer there when you stop thinking about it.

– J. thomas devins

Other Books

J Thomas Devins - Illusions Of Death Cover

The Illusion of Death

Out Now!

Starting with the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition and connecting the dots, Devins concludes: 1) that which we call resurrection is a teachable skill available to all that want to learn, and, 2) we are all here, on the planet, because we intend to be here. It is in this knowledge we find the true nature of reality and the reality of reincarnation and the law of karma; sticky issues which religion and science need to address. A Chemical Engineer and lifelong Catholic, Devins acknowledges that the book’s revelations will be largely ignored by religion and science. Religion because it is too heavily invested in the biblical notion of death to change. Science because of its engrained attitude against the paranormal. Devins’ disappointment with the close-minded attitude of religion and science is reflected throughout the book. Timely change, if it is to happen, must come from new, outside-the-box theological thought and/or a fiery, renewed attitude of truth seeking that initiates in the Sunday morning pew.


The Shroud of Turin:
The Ticking Time Bomb

Expected Release:
Spring 2019

Rainbow Body – The Life and Times of Khenpo A-Cho

Expected Release:
Spring 2019

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