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By J. THomas Devins


The Truth About Resurrection, The Rainbow Body, Religion and Reality

Jesus’s resurrection. Was it a miracle or the natural way the body is designed to gracefully exit the planet?

 In Christian teaching, His entombed, crucified corpse was restored to life; heart pumping, lungs inhaling and exhaling, eating, urinating, defecating and so forth. In addition, it is said to have acquired spiritual properties which allowed it to change clothing and physical appearance, travel about without regard to space or time, penetrate otherwise impenetrable barriers, and lift off into space like a rocket ship.

 This book explores the second alternative. What if the entombed body naturally dematerialized into a spirit realm and then rematerialized into the material world? In other words, rather than a restored human body taking on spiritual features, a spiritualized body taking on human features.

 Western mainstream knows of no way for a human body to dematerialize into spirit form, ignorant of the fact that Jesus left behind a how-to, do-it-yourself manual for doing just that. It is called the Gospel of Thomas, a first to second century work that early Christian fathers hid by relegating it to noncanonical status. Thomas, as it turns out, is a westernization of the Buddha’s teachings made five hundred years earlier on how to die without leaving a corpse behind.

 Shroud of Turin research results confirm that a human body can, in fact, transform to  spirit form. Sadly, Christianity’s most precious relic is talking, but, no one is listening. In the Tibetan Buddhist culture the phenomenon is known as  rainbow body. Their yogic practice called Dzogchen centers around Gospel of Thomas (and the Buddha’s) teachings. Dzogchen is proven to produce rainbow body and predates the Christian era. The Tibetans even have a school that teaches how. Devins’ book reports on two recent rainbow body deaths which he personally investigated on site, interviewing eye-witnesses and taking photographs.

 It is all in accord with the science of the atom and its dual nature of particle versus spirit, something the world has known about since the Einstein era.

 And, what about Jesus’s appearances in the material world? His mother Mary has been doing it for two thousand years. According to the Gospels, Moses and Elijah appeared along-side Jesus at His transfiguration. Rainbow body adepts also reappear on occasion. Spirits popping out of the spiritual realm in human form are indeed uncommon. But, they happen and do not a miracle make.

 Christian leadership is well aware of the rainbow body phenomenon and its connection to resurrection but, burdened by an inbred resistance to change, fear of reprisal from a punitive God and a possible place in the unemployment line, has chosen to ignore it. As a result, a needy, gullible population is being intentionally misled as to what really happened on that first Easter Sunday and, indeed, the true nature of reality. Neglect, breach of trust, willful ignorance…call it what you like, but the author calls it shameful and fraudulent.  Each denial re-crucifies Jesus by communicating that He needed divine assistance to do what others are able to do on their own. Was His death in vain?

 Read the book. Decide for yourself. There are dirty little secrets tucked away in Christianity’s closet and you are not about to hear of them from the Sunday morning pulpit anytime soon. This book force-opens the closet door. 

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J. Thomas Devins

J. Thomas Devins is a Chemical Engineer and businessman who has taken his considerable problem solving skills from the laboratory and boardroom and applied them to the greatest unknown of all—the mystery of death as now understood in the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition. His promising career in business ended with early retirement when he took leave in order to care for his ailing wife. After ten years and her passing, mystical experiences followed which directed him to a twelve year study including an onsite investigation of a recent rainbow body death where a Tibetan Buddhist master died and his corpse vanished into thin air. In his research, Devins connected the Shroud of Turin, Eastern mystical death traditions, the science of the atom and the Secret Gospel of Thomas. That which emerged is a clear, refreshing understanding of the process known as death, with the conclusion that we all have what it takes to exit the plant by resurrection, just as Jesus did. Death is truly an illusion.
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The human mind, like an athlete’s muscles, is trainable. Jesus trained His. I’m working on mine. How about you?

– J. thomas devins

Reality is that which you are thinking about that is no longer there when you stop thinking about it.

– J. thomas devins

Other Books

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The Illusion of Death

Out Now!

Starting with the Tibetan Buddhist rainbow body tradition and connecting the dots, Devins concludes: 1) that which we call resurrection is a teachable skill available to all that want to learn, and, 2) we are all here, on the planet, because we intend to be here. It is in this knowledge we find the true nature of reality and the reality of reincarnation and the law of karma; sticky issues which religion and science need to address. A Chemical Engineer and lifelong Catholic, Devins acknowledges that the book’s revelations will be largely ignored by religion and science. Religion because it is too heavily invested in the biblical notion of death to change. Science because of its engrained attitude against the paranormal. Devins’ disappointment with the close-minded attitude of religion and science is reflected throughout the book. Timely change, if it is to happen, must come from new, outside-the-box theological thought and/or a fiery, renewed attitude of truth seeking that initiates in the Sunday morning pew.


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Expected Release:
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