What Jesus and Buddha Taught About Death

In this age of religious discovery, the boundary between blind faith and willful ignorance has become blurred. All too often traditional teaching is honored in the name of faith even though contradicted by rational thought and/or scientific fact. The search for truth, it seems, has become a lost art.

Not so with this book. It boldly tackles mystery head-on, challenging centuries old Church teaching on death. Using Shroud of Turin research, Eastern mystical death traditions and science of the atom, it frames Jesus’s resurrection in new light. The conclusions are shocking. That which Christians claim for Jesus on the first Easter Sunday is the natural way our bodies are designed to exit the planet. It is a graceful method of departure that is available to every person who is willing to follow a prescribed mind training practice.

This conclusion frees devotees from the shackles of outdated theology and worn out tradition and validates once popular Gnostic thought; salvation is found in knowledge, not forgiveness of sin through sacrificial blood letting.

Ask yourself. Are you steeped in faith and tradition or is that the excuse you use to avoid the search?

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